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Himalayan Monster Himalayan Monster is another action game from csharks. Try to destroy all the vehicles, bikers, p...
0 0   108   Action   0
Balls To The Walls 2 A physics game where you get rid of all the balls on stage for the perfect score. You must knock...
0 0   183   Baby Games   0
Mastermind v1.0 You have to figure out the actual combination in least steps/trials
0 0   63   Puzzle   0
Teknosauri a.C. Puzzle Game Teknosauri.AC Puzzle Game. Help the staff of KK Service to reassemble all the posters destroyed by a...
0 0   96   Puzzle   0
Turkey Derinkuyu Mystery Cave Turkey Derinkuyu Mystery Cave is the 46th point and click escape adventure game from crazy escape ga...
0 0   109   Puzzle   0
Anacondas Find and collect orchids in the cave infested with snakes
0 0   135   Other   0
Mario Remix Play Mario in this cross over and destroy everything in sight
0 0   259   Shooter   0
Blackjack 3 One of the most popular Casino games
0 0   135   Action   0
Move And Match Move items to make horizontal or vertical rows of 3 identical items. Select an item by clicking on...
0 0   131   Puzzle   0
Steal The Wheel 1 Visualize a situation there was a Ninja racer team in the city. One of the Ninja in the gang was arr...
0 0   282   Puzzle   0
Rail of Death 5 Escape from the four mining tunnels each in two minutes, upgrade your train, engine and gun, can you...
0 0   226   Action   0
Wink The Game Help Wink to rescue the princess from the evil dragon
0 0   135   Action   0
Tetes Bruless Shoot as many planes as possible
0 0   134   Shooter   0
Those Numbers 3 Those Numbers 3 is an educational high-scores Math game in which you will practice basic arithmetic...
0 0   109   Puzzle   0
XMatch 2016 Swap adjacent blocks to line up 3 or more of the same type of Xmas bulbs next to each other horizont...
0 0   125   Puzzle   0
Matching Animals Matching Animals is a new highscores puzzle game for all ages with simple but catchy gameplay for al...
0 0   67   Puzzle   0
Pearl Diver Dive into the seabed and collect as many pearl and treasure before you run out of gas
0 0   184   Sport   0
Grim A rather short puzzle platformer game made in under a week. Contains a few parts where precise contr...
0 0   56   Puzzle   0
Element Saga ep1-4 Use techniques such as sword strike, fireball and combos to defeat enemies.
0 0   106   Arcade   0
Caring Carol - Baby Girl This cute baby girl played in her sandpit all afternoon so she got quite dirty. Can you take care of...
0 0   275   Baby Games   0
G7 Hangover G7 Hangover is cool Point and click new escape game. Created By G7games. You was celebrate new year...
0 0   132   Puzzle   0
Finding Mirror You are in pursuit of golden pumpkins to feed it to the pumpkin man, you are in a weird place full o...
0 0   138   Puzzle   0
Magic Ball Magic ball game with cute pikachu theme
0 0   51   Puzzle   0
Dresden Jigsaw Use the mouse to piece together three great pictures of Dresden, Germany in 5 difficulties and 5 sha...
0 0   53   Puzzle   0
Tropical Blocks Game SL Tropical Blocks Game. Click on Red, Blue or Purple Blocks to Clear the Screen and Move on to Next...
0 0   118   Arcade   0
Off to Find the Wizard The castle wizard is missing. He left behind a list of clues for you to follow him.
0 0   142   Puzzle   0
The Prison Break A skilled master of disguise and deception escaped from the prison. Can you find them?
0 0   113   Puzzle   0
Ding Dong Splash Mania Similar to the Crush Saga games, Ding Dong Splash Mania by is a colorful smiley-fac...
0 0   68   Puzzle   0
Daily Baby Bath Jack and Rachel welcomed their first born into their family. They are very happy to have little Geor...
0 0   283   Baby Games   0
Tri Jeweled Tri Jeweled is a classical match 3 game having new challenges and different level design. Swap adja...
0 0   62   Puzzle   0
Ice Smash The sudden Ice blast has frozen the lake and its inhabitants. Mamma Tortoise is in search of her...
0 0   91   Action   0
Cyber Kulkis: Inca Cyber Kulkis, a small, spheroidal entity is on a quest. A quest full of glory and logical madness. A...
0 0   133   Puzzle   0
Solitaire Solitaire with illustrated card face
0 0   48     0
Snowtown Magic Snow town is full of magic and treasure! See if you can find all hidden objects.
0 0   77   Puzzle   0
Pizza Party We are having a pizza party tonight! Our friends are coming over so I think we should treat them wit...
0 0   162   Other   0
Splayberry Pie Help the Muchie avoid the falling splatberry pies.
0 0   107   Arcade   0
Lightyear Alpha Collect Energy residue by destroying enemy and gain special abilities
0 0   90   Arcade   0
Red Dragon Block Crusher Red Dragon Block Crusher. Game Designed with Exquisite Chinese Authentic Symbols. Crush Blocks of 2...
0 0   137   Puzzle   0
Run Over Try to run over as many people as possible
0 0   119   Arcade   0
Locked Garden Escape You were out walking and decided to visit the lovely garden. Once you entered inside you turned to h...
0 0   80   Puzzle   0
Sub Commander avoiding obstacles while you guide your submarine through the treacherous waters
0 0   100   Action   0
Loft Game Memory game with real photos
0 0   52   Puzzle   0
Cute Teenager Girl Dressup Are you ready for a new fashion challenge? This is a complex game, carrying you through the magic of...
0 0   193   Other   0
Osama Sissy Fight Punch Osama in whatever way you like
0 0   109   Other   0
Invasion 2196 Protect earth from alien invasion in this space shooting arcade
0 0   98   Arcade   0
Mini Boat Race Choose from 10 boats type and 12 tracks of varied difficulty in the mini boat race
0 0   158   Sport   0
Audi RS1 Puzzle Audi RS1 Puzzle is a free online game from genre of puzzle and car games. On this game you can choos...
0 0   132   Puzzle   0
Planets Gone Rogue! Planets Gone Rogue! is an action / strategy hybrid in which heavily armored planets fight to the dea...
0 0   102   Action   0
Science Connect This is a science theme connect identical items Board Game. In this game you need to clear the board...
0 0   56   Puzzle   0
Ballistic Biscuit Ride in tube and avoid obstacles
0 0   101   Action   0
Abduction Move the animals to the spacecraft tiles
0 0   67   Puzzle   0
Snow Man Merry Christmas Hey Kids. Here is the Snow Man. If you don't know how to decorate your backyard Snow Man you can fir...
0 0   206   Other   0
The Martianin. Dreams Use your mouse to click on the buttons and to change numerous clothes items and backgrounds.
0 0   232   Other   0
Escape From Death House Escape From Death House is other escape game, you enter the house of the death, found that all peopl...
0 0   79   Puzzle   0
Puzzles with hares Use the mouse to collect five photos with hares.
0 0   61   Puzzle   0
Favorite Choco Cookies Today we cook a recipe loved by everyone: cookies with chocolate! We will start by cutting the butte...
0 0   143   Other   0
Long Jump Race against the other 3 characters in the Long Jump event
0 0   179   Sport   0
Baby Elsa Skating Accident Little Princess Elsa loves skating so much! But today while skating on a forest lake, she fell strai...
0 0   275   Baby Games   0
UFOS Shoot the UFOs
0 0   126   Shooter   0
Cube Buster Clear all square as quickly as possible
0 0   58   Puzzle   0
Stick RPG Build up the level of your stick character in this RPG
0 0   78   Arcade   0
Banja This is the introduction to Banja
0 0   132   Other   0
Curse of the Pharaohs Try to find the clues that will lead you to the missing archeologists.
0 0   82   Puzzle   0
GHOST SHIP IMAGE PUZZLE Collect beautiful picture which depicts a ghost ship.
0 0   92   Puzzle   0
Defined Enemy Defined enemy is an side scrolling decision making platform game.Set in a strongest enemy using (...
0 0   63   Puzzle   0
Diamond Chaser Steal the diamonds out of the asteroids in the outer rings of Cora Flatar.
0 0   311   Shooter   0
Carmageddon 90 seconds of rampage using your car.
0 0   141   Arcade   0
Go Clicker Nutty Fox Adventure II GoClicker-Nutty Fox Adventure II is another point and click level escape game developed by gamesClic...
0 0   244   Puzzle   0
Popcorn Maker Well you can finally find out how to make some popcorn by playing a fun game for girls. The steps ar...
0 0   57   Puzzle   0
Proposal Kit Win More Bids, Close More Deals!
0 0   150   Other   0
Kuizi Gjuha angleze pjesa e tetë Ky është një kuiz nga Gjuha Angleze. Kuizi përmban 10 pyetje, ku secila pyetje ka 4 opcione, vetëm n...
0 0   104   Other   0
Dreary Asylum You received a call from the new buyer of the Dreary Asylum, a place that has been shut down in the...
0 0   172   Puzzle   0
Galactic Tennis Play air hocket with alien races
0 0   165   Sport   0
Goblin House Attack the ghost/ghouls before they get you!
0 0   130   Other   0
Frosty Freakout Making multi-flavour multi-layer ice-creams
0 0   124   Arcade   0
Xevoz Choose to be Inferno Fury, or the Razor Claw, in this platform game
0 0   113   Arcade   0
Do Not Stop Will Not Stop Don't stop clicking or you will lose! Enjoy this action packed game which will surely test your refl...
0 0   93   Action   0
Fashion Studio - African Style Design the perfect outfit for this beautiful afro-american girl in our latest fashion studio game! A...
0 0   61   Puzzle   0
Ludo By Grey Olltwit 2, 3 or 4 player ludo board game. Ludo board, moveable counters, a throw-able die and a scoring faci...
0 0   61   Puzzle   0
Linking Puzzles Linking puzzles is an interesting puzzle game. In this game you link all the numbers displayed in sc...
0 0   333   Puzzle   0

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